Break Free

Change Your Negative Beliefs & Unlock Your Potential

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BREAK FREE : Change Your Negative Beliefs & Unlock Your Potential addresses the roadblocks that you are experiencing that leave you feeling STUCK. The result will get you UNSTUCK; break free to move toward your dream or goal.

This is a journey to get to know yourself, challenge yourself and give you the freedom to achieve your dream.
Through this course you will:

  • Learn about the barriers that are present when it comes to allowing yourself to dream.
  • Learn the role that negative messages play in your readiness to take action.
  • Learn how to challenge the barriers through vocalizing.
  • Identify your fears or negative beliefs that are holding you back from moving forward with your dream.
  • Challenge your negative belief or fear
  • Build affirming messages and grow them into regular daily practices

You already have within in you everything you need to change how you view of yourself. The key is to unlock the strongholds that keep you stuck.

This course will assist you in recognizing, challenging and changing your inner critic. When you change your self perspective, you unlock your potential to achieve your dream.

Your Instructor

Darlene Brink
Darlene Brink

Introducing Your Coach - Darlene Brink

For over 17 years, I have worked as a Counsellor with Individuals, Couples and Families to help them clarify and accomplish their goals. However, I quickly realized that my passion and best work lies in partnering with women to build their confidence in themselves and in their creative abilities.

That is why since, 2019, I have decided to branch out on my own and help women directly. I love the connections I have made with creative women like yourself.

I launched Become a Confident Creative: Overcome Fear & Create Your Best Work to help women artists dismantle their inner critic, so they can fearlessly show up and share their work with the world.

Plus as an artist myself, I know what it is like to so desperately want to create but having so much fear hold me back for years. So, just see me as your cheerleader helping you face your inner critic and confidently become the accomplished artist you were created to be!



Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and is available for the rest of the month.
How long do I have access to the course?
You are able to access this course for 4 days only. After 4 days, it will no longer be available.
What is included in this course?
There are four lessons in total. There is also an accompanying workbook.

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